In a world of huge gyms, supplements with seemingly limitless claims, magazines that need new content every month, and ridiculous workouts perpetuated by DVDs and expensive personal trainers, it is all too easy to get lost.

The fact remains that physical strength is best obtained by
three traditional compound barbell exercises:


  • "How damned refreshing! I've been bodybuilding for 43 years now and have used these basic principles as the foundation for strength with great success. I hope The Basic Workout gets the attention it deserves."

    James D.,
    James D.,San Diego, CA (Photo 1984)
By using The Basic Workout as a foundation for your workout, you will spend less time at the gym, use less equipment, and most importantly see results faster. The Nutrition Principles are simple guidelines to the mathematical and macronutrient aspects of human nutrition that you can incorporate into daily life without any unsustainable gimmicks.
This is a framework for strength. Over time, mold it to your needs and schedule, but always keep the core of bench, squat, deadlift, and basic nutrition guidelines. Results don’t happen overnight – consistency is the key. There is no money back guarantee because it’s free. If you do it, it works.
Give it a shot and see why The Basic Workout really is
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